The Krptic Wallet – a Cryptocurrency wallet for everyone (not just the pros)

Brian Maw

Jul 27, 2021

Exploring cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance can be a daunting task for the unfamiliar. Most popular crypto wallets have great functionality but little education or support for new crypto adventurers. What is a swap? How do I transfer an asset from one wallet to another? What is DeFi and how do I get involved? How do I know my account is safe?

What makes Krptic better than other wallets? First, Finnovant’s Say-Tec biometric authentication will secure the wallet so that only the owner can access it. This secure, on device solution prevents unauthorized access while making owner access fast and user friendly. Next, Krptic has full functionality for power users including access to swaps, DApps, and DeFi projects while providing onboarding guidance for new users. Over the coming months, Finnovant will be adding more helpful crypto information and education as a resource for new users on our website.

The Krptic Wallet will be launched globally on July 31st, with a focus on the South East Asia market and with one of our Great partners, Governor Dao. The rollout will continue globally, with focused regional marketing campaigns, through October 2021. User experiences and feedback will be an imprtant part of the evolution of Krptic and will help it become the “go-to” wallet for new and seasoned users alike.

In addition to the Krptic wallet, Finnovant is also launching a cryptocurrency named BIOFI (biometric finance), which embodies an amazing ecosystem, utilizing blockchain technology along with biometrics to ensure the safety, privacy, and integrity of online transactions, in Q4 this year. We look forward to sharing the BIOFI whitepaper and providing more announcements about this highly anticipated crypto token.

We are so excited to launch the Krptic wallet and the BIOFI token, providing a seamless user experience that is so intuitive, secure, and will provide many new customers an easy on-ramp to the crypto ecosystem.