BIT Mobile

BIT-Blockchain Integrated Technology

Brand = BIT Mobile

Model = Phēnix X


What problems are we focused on?

  • Reducing Identity theft and improving fraud prevention for each person
    • Expand access to financial services, enabling people in need, small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive
  • Helping people in Africa, and globally, by improving security for Android smartphones 
    • Help boost economic growth across the African continent with stable and reliable services
  • Enabling learning and certification in the Metaverse
    • Enhance access to quality education for African children and adults
  • Keeping personal information safe and putting the user in control of their data
    • Reduce the impact of conflicts related to fraud and theft on individuals’ lives

Why is a Secure Smartphone needed?


  • Traditional smartphones are vulnerable to hackers and malware. It’s difficult to protect your  company and family’s privacy

  • A 2022 study shows that traditional identity fraud losses, caused by criminals illegally using victims’ information to steal money, exploded in 2021 to $24 billion (USD)—an alarming 79% increase over 2020. Further, the number of adults in the United States impacted by traditional identity fraud grew more than 50%, reaching more than 15 million victims.

  • Phēnix X is the first feature rich, voice authenticated and blockchain-protected, private mobile phone that also comes with pre-installed decentralized apps

  • Phēnix X has the traditional functionality of Android™ OS, plus a suite of blockchain secure “vaulted“ decentralized mobile apps (dapps), giving users safe, reliable access to the blockchain from their phone and privacy when they need it, and the Phēnix X comes with pre-installed value and pays for itself!

Phēnix X Secure Android Smartphone

Robust Security

Financial-grade safe wallet (Say-Tec Authentication with biometric security)​
Secure Integrated Blockchain (Built-in Android O/S, decentralized blockchain)​
Smart contracts (Available for digital management between parties)​
Digital asset safe (Secure cryptographic algorithm on the blockchain)

Crypto Mining​

Crypto mining with integrated blockchain (Smart computing power)
Cold Storage Wallet (Ability to hold crypto currency private keys – In progress)


Multi-currency security management (Support mainstream multi-currencies)
Pays you Rewards (Decentralized node processing generates revenue for the user)
Pre-loaded dApps (Flexible solutions that offer popular app services)