Say-Tec is our flagship cybersecurity product. Say-Tec combines state-of-the-art biometric technology with blockchain technology to ensure the safety of your data. Say-Tec eliminates the need for multiple passwords by using your unique face and voice biometrics to unlock a device, login to an account, and access your private data.

Say-Tec deployment includes three flexible options:


Say Tec is our flagship cybersecurity product. Say-Tec combines state of the art biometric technology with blockchain technology to ensure the safety of your data.

Say-Tec deployment includes three flexible options:

Web 3.0

Say-Tec has been tailored to support the world of decentralized apps, web sites and processing, which is commonly encountered with Blockchain access, crypto currency, and crypto wallets and exchanges.

Standard Web

Standard web interfaces could include invoking Say-Tec during account set-up, or during the log-in process, or to reset a password when it has been forgotten. Say-Tec can completely replace the user-id and password friction of logging in to a web site.

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On device Say-Tec ensures your biometric data is specific to the device it is downloaded on. Apps are available for both Android and iPhone.

Say-Tec Use Cases

Say-Tec is highly configurable. Here are just a few examples where you can implement Say-Tec

Use Case 1: No Password

Do away with typing in passwords all together. Just use Say-Tec to authenticate at login.

Say-Tec can be configured to use face or voice or both to authenticate.

Use Case 3: Extra Security

Increase your security and peace of mind.

When checking out online instead of personal information automatically loading, add Say-Tec to authenticate before personal information is loaded.

If you lose your mobile device you have the extra security of Say-Tec to keep thieves from shopping with your credit cards.

Use Case 2: Password Resets

Resetting passwords can be done quickly, and with little effort.

Just click “Authenticate with Say-Tec”, then follow the on-screen instructions

After quickly and easily authenticating the user is brought to the reset password page to complete the action.

Use Case 4: Money Transfers

Configure Say-Tec for step up authentication.

Say-Tec can be used when a certain threshold amount is about to be transferred or when an account balance will dip below a certain amount.

Say-Tec can also be set up by the bank to confirm account holder understands penalties might occur for early withdrawal.


We are optimistic about the global blockchain revolution and the future of emerging technologies, such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and digital currency. We embrace the idea of tomorrow’s decentralized Web (“Web 3.0”) and the future of finance today.

Say-Tec Demonstration Videos

Login Finnovant

Money Transfer Finnovant

Password Resets

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Say-Tec different than other solutions providers?

Say-Tec offers the most complete set of advanced biometric active voice solutions and facial authentication options to meet each company’s unique requirements.  A simple voice phrase like, “My name is John”, along with a facial scan is a very secure consumer step-up authentication.  Say-Tec provides unique voice authentication solutions that can identify and authenticate users simultaneously.  Say-Tec can also extend existing one-time passwords into biometric authentication for superior security and a better user experience.  Businesses will not have to worry about record and playback or printed faces because Say-Tec authentication can easily detect these fraudulent schemes.

How does Say-Tec know if a fraudster is trying to gain access, with a fake voice, or a printed picture?

Say-Tec uses many tools in evaluating the legitimacy of each user’s voice and facial scan.  Fraudsters generally will attempt to use replay and synthetic speech generators.  However, Say-Tec can identify with the highest accuracy when voice has been modified (speed, pitch, tempo, distortions, noise), spliced audio from multiple utterances, and replayed data using cyclic redundancy checking (CRC).  Say-Tec has also been engineered to easily detect printed facial scans, masks, and other fraudulent facial representations.

Is a voice and facial print like a fingerprint?

Voice and facial authentication uses a wide spectrum of audio and video signals that are analyzed, stored digitally, and then compared.  Voice and facial biometrics have many more identification reference points than fingerprints and best of all, it works on any phone.

What makes up the unique characteristics of each person’s voice and facial scan?

The sound of each individual’s voice is unique due to the design of their larynx, their physiological make up (tongue, palate, cheeks, nasal cavity, pharynx) and the manner in which the speech sounds are habitually formed and articulated (pitch, tone, language, dialect).  The facial characteristics include over 150 measurements and facial angles that uniquely identify the person.

What if the user has a cold? Will the solution still work?

The accuracy depends upon the severity of the sickness and the robustness of the voice print.  Some voice identifiers do not change with a cold, like cadence and accent that are always measured and compared.

Is the combination of voice and facial authentication better than other biometric authentications such as fingerprint and iris?

Voice and facial authentication works on all devices without special hardware and provides a very high accuracy rate.  Please ask your Say-Tec rep for more information and to discuss deployment options.



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