Finnovant’s Token – BIOFI (Biometric Finance)


Finnovant’s Token – BIOFI
(Biometric Finance)



Finnovant’s BIOFI token is being planned for a market launch in Q4 2021.  The BIOFI white paper will be available in early September, 2021.  Please refer back to the Finnovant web site to download the whitepaper, or signup for the Finnovant Newsletter and we will send out an announcement when it is available.


The mission of BIOFI (or Biometric Finance) is to bring the speed, security and anonymity of biometric identity to the blockchain and decentralized finance space, including support for all popular industries, creating an easily accessible ecosystem for all.  Coupled with blockchain technology and AI, BIOFI will help establish a decentralized financial marketplace accessible to multiple markets including B2B, B2C and C2C. 

Use Cases

BIOFI’s Use Cases are practically limitless, covering the basic elements of authentication for log ins, password resets, Payments, etc. to updating sensitive information, and providing access to IoT device functions. BIOFI can be utilized to purchase Finnovant products, 3rd party products, pay transaction fees, etc. or held as part of your portfolio.

Amazing Posibilities

BIOFI is truly global in nature and will have an amazing positive impact on the world, not bound by a single language or territory, while being designed to be user friendly with the added benefit of helping people feel more secure.

Our team is very excited regarding the launch of BIOFI and look forward to your participation.