At Finnovant, we are passionate about the global blockchain revolution and the future of emerging technologies, such as biometrics and artificial intelligence. 

Our vision is to realize the potential of blockchain in the areas of financial services, supply chain, Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, and retail while also helping improve the way companies interact with their critical information and their customers.

Finnovant was founded in March 2018 (formerly LMH Blockchain) with the aim of enabling people to learn, design, and create blockchain solutions that yield meaningful results. Our founding team brings top-tier experience from the worlds of information technology, financial services, security and fraud prevention, ubiquitous payments, and emerging technologies.

At Finnovant, we embrace the idea of tomorrow’s decentralized Web (“Web 3.0”) today, and we look forward to creating our exciting future together. 


We are committed to helping people grow and improve their businesses with innovative solutions and professional services, while providing the best customer experience.