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Say-Tec is highly configurable

here are just a few examples where you can implement Say-Tec

Say-Tec, A Leading Voice Verification Platform

Use Case 1: Password Resets

Resetting passwords can be done quickly, and  with little effort.

Just click "Authenticate with Say-Tec", then follow the on screen instructions

In this example, both Face and Voice are used, but Say-Tec can be configured to just use one or the other
Use Case 1: continued...

After quickly and easily authenticating the user is brought to the reset password page to complete the action.

School Log in _1089x1021.jpg
Use Case 2: No Password

Do away with typing in passwords all together.  Just use Say-Tec to authenticate at login.

Once again Say-Tec can be configured to use face or voice or both to authenticate.

Use Case 3: Money Transfers

Configure Say-Tec for step up authentication.


In these examples Say-Tec can be used when a certain threshold amount is about to be transferred or when account balance will dip below a certain amount.

Say-Tec can also be set up by the bank to confirm account holder understands penalties might  occur for early withdrawal

Use Case 4: Extra Security

Increase your security and peace of mind.


When checking out online instead of personal information automatically loading, add Say-Tec to authenticate before personal information is loaded.

If you lose your mobile device you have the extra security of Say-Tec to keep thieves from shopping with your credit cards.