Phēnix X1

Welcome to your new device,
the Phēnix X1

Phēnix X1

Welcome to your new device,
the Phēnix X1


Our world is changing fast with constant technology advances. Who would have ever thought that your phone would become your wallet, your photo album, and your communication hub. But how secure is it?

We have developed a phone with a highly secure area to protect against fraudsters and to ensure security when running your financial apps, transacting online, mining cryptocurrencies and storing your digital assets. Protecting your digital assets is our top priority – we present the Phēnix X1!


A working prototype exists today, and we are driving toward the final product. Ability to manufacture the phone may be affected by  FCC certification.

The Phēnix X1 offers the traditional functionality of the Android ™ operating system (OS), plus a suite of secure tools and features within a blockchain ecosystem.

Two Systems, One Device

  • Privacy and security measures puts you in control
  • Dedicated blockchain interface
  • Secure partitioned area
  • A dedicated security chip for stored data
  • Cold storage wallet crypto currencies
  • Android is the world’s most popular  mobile platform

Beautiful & Functional Design

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor
  • Financial security chip, embedded national level SM encryption algorithm
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB UFS2.1
  • QC3.0 18W quick charge
  • NFC Fingerprint
  • Liquid metal Corning glass

Crypto Asset "Cold Storage" Wallet

  • Advanced design with ease-of-use and maximum security in mind for hassle free storage of private cryptocurrency keys in a cold-storage wallet.
  • Dedicated open-source blockchain ecosystem for crypto currency mining
  • Ongoing software security upgrades and enhancements

Blockchain Exclusive System

  • Dual system, independent partition, fingerprint switching
  • Robust blockchain environment i.e. (Wallet+Miner+Dapps)
  • Built-in cryptographic algorithms such as SM1\SM2\SM3\SM4\ 3DES\RSA

Protect Your Digital Assets

  • Layered security measures protect your valuables including crypto currencies.
  • Imagine the new Phēnix X1 as your primary smartphone – or, as a companion device – that you can truly trust – and, put into your pocket or purse starting later this year. 


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