Making the Home Office Cybersecure with Blockchain Technology

Brian Maw

As most office workers transition to working from home due to COVID-19, a myriad of issues was presented. Aside from the lack of office space and supplies, distractions from children, spotty WiFi, and virtual call catastrophes, there are many issues of security when working from home. Cybersecurity threats and forgetting passwords have become huge issues with the nationwide switch to a home working lifestyle. Working remotely poses so many challenges, but blockchain technologies can have some life-changing solutions.

Being away from the office and their secure networks has caused numerous security breaches, such as the “Zoom bombing” incidents. Cybersecurity is of great importance especially now that most people’s entire working life is entirely virtual. Blockchain technology can guarantee security through the nearly impenetrable protection provided. This is because the decentralized blockchain data is private and unable to be changed without permission from the owner. Any changes to the data are documented and kept in public record, so hacking becomes virtually impossible. Being decentralized, the data is also only one piece of the whole picture, which grants additional cybersecurity. Through all of these levels of security, those who take advantage of blockchain technology no longer worry about losing their work and password server hacks.

Password protection is another area where blockchain can help keep private information protected. Blockchain technology not only makes passwords completely secure, but is also user-friendly. This is because password encryption is done through private keys that contain 256-bit characters (Lyasota). Password encryption is a feature included on the Phēnix X1, a Finnovant product found here. Biometric password entry is a perfect solution for those who kept their passwords on their work computers and are now locked out of their essential applications and work data; 71% of workers have had their productivity impacted due to the switch from office to home during the pandemic (CioDive). Finnovant offers speech and voice recognition biometric technology on their Say-Tec devices. To find out more, follow this link. These innovative technologies are what will transform both the home and campus office cybersecurity protections.