CEO Speak

Welcome to Our New Brand!

Brian Maw

As CEO of Finnovant, I want to share a bit about how our venture came to be.

When we launched Finnovant, formerly Say-Tec/LMH Blockchain, we were focused on helping to reduce online fraud, provide products and services that help safeguard people’s personal and financial information, and help eliminate data account compromises at the business-level.

Today, many months after we formed the company, the intersection of technologies such as the immutable blockchain and voice biometrics have further paved the way for us to realize our aspirations to help protect people’s identities, personal information – and now their valuable assets.

This is an exciting time in the emerging technologies space – voice-command and identity verification biometrics, blockchain distributed ledger, digital currencies, internet of things, and 5G telecommunications are all big technology waves we’re riding. At Finnovant we believe the time is right to better protect the consumer – and businesses – through these next-generation technologies.

Our company is embracing the future of finance and the idea of tomorrow’s decentralized Web.

Our team and I look forward to these exciting times and working to meet the needs of our customers in financial services, retail, supply chain, and other sectors. If you would like to know more about Finnovant and the problems we’re helping solve for our customers, reach out and let me know at [email protected].