Call to Action; How you can help victims & heroes of COVID-19 and west-coast wildfires

Brian Maw

COVID-19’s effects on the world have been devastating as first responders, medical staff, and military personnel put their lives on the line during the pandemic. Many lives have been impacted through both medical and financial crises. During these hard times, a light of hope shines through the charity of others to help those in need. Now, more than ever, is a good time to donate to the fire fighters, police officers, healthcare workers, and families impacted during COVID-19.

On top of COVID-19, fires have been destroying the lives and biodiversity of the west coast. This disaster has caused the evacuation of many west coast residents, the closing of countless businesses, polluted air, and so numerous other side effects. Firefighters and first responders have risked their lives daily to protect the west coast and its residents from one of the most dangerous fires in history.

Finnovant is partnered with the charity organization Giveback Heroes, powered by Giftz, who has identified ways that everyone can become a hero to someone. They have launched a COVID-19 Humanitarian Relief & Economic Recovery Initiative to help the first responders, medical personnel, small business owners, and unemployed affected by this pandemic. The target groups are:

1. Helpers who need help: the nurses, EMTs, firefighters, military personnel, and medical staff in need while they risk their lives for public health and safety

2. Financially impacted: The food insecure and economically struggling Americans who were impacted by the pandemic-induced recession

3. Family business owners: due to COVID-19 restrictions, many family owned businesses had to close and forfeit much of their profits, and in many cases, their entire business

The apolitical, socioeconomic group works to provide “contact-free, gift code care packages for the heroes and victims of COVID-19” with your donations.

“Everyone is a hero to someone” -Giftz

These tax-deductible donations can be used to send 3 different types of packages: essentials, R&R, and self-care. These gift cards not only help the receiver, but also stimulate the local merchant economies.

Become a Giveback Hero through donating individually, or adding Giveback Heroes’ mission to your corporate messaging.

The world was hit hard during this global pandemic, and many people need our help to rebuild their lives. Campaigns to provide disaster relief can utilize Blockchain to promote transparency and keep accountability. Those who donate to campaigns can keep track of their payments to know that their charity is being used for the right purposes.

Finnovant is proud to be partnered with Giveback Heroes. We have been working hard to help those in need through raising money to help First Responders, medical staff, and victims of COVID-19 lockdowns. We provide the blockchain technology that is being implemented in future versions of the Giveback Heroes applications.