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Governor DAO and Finnovant

Strategic Partnership

The blockchain world is being transformed with the recent partnership inked between Governor DAO and Finnovant as they set a new pillar of standard and innovation for what can be done with blockchain in the business, economic, and political realms.

Daisy Wang, CEO from Financial GPS, a financial services company with a global audience, recently interviewed Governor DAO’s Head of Business Development and Chief Data Scientist, Cody Dyer, and Finnovant’s CEO, Brian Maw, focusing on the strategic partnership between the two innovative companies. This video’s topics cover the partnership advantages to the consumer, the novel advancements in the blockchain universe, their global reach, and how the companies stand out amongst the rest of the industry. The video encapsulates the excitement for the advancements ahead and is a must watch, accessed here.

Governor DAO and Finnovant are currently working hard on creating a One Voice, One Vote, governance service which is a revolutionary product in the blockchain universe. This innovative service would make it possible to assign a unique ID to each user through biometric authentication, creating a global registry of unique users. Finnovant’s Say-Tec synergizes with Governor DAO’s “proof-of-existence” technology in order to successfully prove that any user is a unique individual. This one-account-one-user experience protects against Sybil attacks that the blockchain field has struggled with since inception. This fortifies Sybil resistance, which has been a persistent issue since inception of the blockchain universe. Users engage in a simple, one-time registration with an active web3 connected wallet. This registration adds their wallet to the universal ‘whitelist’ of verified unique users.

Governor DAO and Finnovant’s partnership will be beneficial to the blockchain world and consumers because of their shared futuristic and innovative visions. The work being done between the two will spawn so many different use cases for the future as legislation is being passed in support of this new technology. Novel advancements are happening in the blockchain world every day. Governor DAO and Finnovant stand out against the competition because of their numerous customer contacts, international audience, and global opportunities. Both teams have extensive overseas networks and operations with active markets engaged with Governor DAO and Finnovant’s products. The collaborative work will create waves in the financial sector by offering a network that creates value within itself while shaping the future of economics.

Additionally, Governor DAO and Finnovant have their own crypto tokens. Governor DAO operates The GDAO token, and Finnovant’s NUMI will be launched this year. These tokens create value for all parties, especially now with the collaboration and partnership between Governor DAO and Finnovant. Finnovant’s crypto currency wallet ‘Krptic’ will also be launched soon with compatibility to trade and store GDAO and NUMI.

Please contact either Governor DAO or Finnovant for all inquiries on their products, upcoming releases, partnership details, and purchase options:

Governor DAO:

Website: www.governordao.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Governor_DAO

Email: cody.d@governordao.org


Website: www.finnovant.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Finnovant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Finnovant

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/finnovant_/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/finnovant/

Email: bmaw@finnovant.com

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